Many of you have probably listened to the ridiculously awesome letter VOC penned to Atanga Nji Paul when the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon started in 2016. Many have listened to the track over and over without even knowing the real artist who made the track. In fact, some people who follow VOC on social media do not even know that VOC is the one who made the track titled "Letter To Atanga Nji Paul." 

VOC released the track a few days before 2017. We are now in 2018 and some Cameroonian rap music fans still send VOC messages on social media informing him that they just learnt he (VOC) made the track. Those messages make VOC happier because he believes that when people listen to music over and over without even knowing the artist who made the music, it just tells how powerful or magical the music is.  

Some fans have asked VOC several times to upload "Letter To Atanga Nji Paul" onto his YouTube Channel and that has been done. Go listen to it by clicking this link ---> here

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