The Wait Is Over! VOC's Album; FIRST BORN Is Here!

In December of 2016, VOC on his Facebook page promised Cameroonian rap music fans that he was going to give them a classic album in 2017. That got some of the fans excited because they had been paying close attention to VOC's music and they believed he was the man to fix up Cameroonian rap music. They believed VOC was the man who was going to make Cameroonian rap music meaningful and important, especially after they listened to his track titled "Letter To Atanga Nji Paul." VOC had already put out a couple of hot tracks but he snatched the streets, people's hearts and people's ears when he put out "Letter To Atanga Nji Paul." Throughout 2017, Cameroonian rap music fans have constantly contacted VOC to know when he was going to release his album. Some of them even got a little frustrated because they were tired of waiting for VOC to release his album.

Well, the wait is over! VOC's album; FIRST BORN is here! There are eighteen tracks on the album. The good news is; all the tracks are great and VOC will permit fans to stream ten of the tracks for free and download three of the tracks for free here. The tracks that are going to be available for free download are titled "Why?", "I Do So Swear" and "Letter To Atanga Nji Paul." The bad news is; the three tracks that fans are going to be able to download for free sound great but they sound better on the album itself. That means fans will have to buy the album to get the best quality. The ugly news is; VOC's album FIRST BORN and tracks will only be available for sale three weeks from its release date. This is because of some business arrangements being made and VOC is very sorry that this is happening. He has no control over this delay.

While you stream those ten tracks for free here, save up your money to buy the album itself when it is available for sale. Preview clips of the rest of the tracks on the album can be found here. Support VOC, so he can keep making good music for your soul. Thank you.